A little bit of background … in reality.

This campaign was started in 2010 and will hopefully be starting back up in the next couple of months. Some of the original players will not be able to participate on a regular basis and will have to make guest appearances as they come to visit.

In it’s infancy, this campaign was designed around the idea that I [the GM] would be playing every once in a while and that my friend [Mavrahi] would be taking the reins every so often to keep things interesting. Though I have seen this concept put into practice, I have not seen it successfully remain constant. As such, this did not last more than a few sessions and I tool over full time. As the college year moved on, the campaign hit a lull, and I was uncertain as to where I was going to take the players once they hit Paragon tier.

What I have planned for the players now is something I have been toying with for the last couple of years and feel it is ready to be brought to light. How the players react to this style is up to them, but I feel like they will enjoy it thoroughly – based on who they are and well, the things we find intriguing.

Our play style is simple, yet not like formal D&D. 4e was a new edition that we were hesitant to try (coming from 3.0 and 3.5). We do not like to use contemporary boards, miniatures, pre-made campaigns, or the exact rules as they are presented to us in the books. We use the books as a guide not as WOTC intended. The point of D&D for us is to have fun and develop our characters in the way we wanted to see them; not as the book says they can be. Using 4e as a base, we would describe our own attacks and movements as we saw fit (and what we believed to be truly feasible). If a character was willing to sacrifice something a special ability gave them to make something really cool happen, I would allow it; albeit they could describe it in a manner that was realistic and plausible. The roll would determine whether or not it would actually happen, but it was how much the player invested in their description of the action that really had a profound effect on what outcome became of it. This is how we learned to play D&D – which was in truth incorrect, but it was how we learned to love the game.

With that said, please read through our journey and leave a comment if you so wish. I am open to suggestions and criticism. Thank you and enjoy!

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The Rhundil Passage

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